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Making a good night sleep possible

As a Parent:

 Are you exhausted and overwhelmed, longing for a good night sleep?

 Is your child waking too often during the night?

 Are you tired of bedtime battles every night?

 Does your child take inconsistent naps or refuse to nap altogether?

 Do you feel that you should be able to figure this out, but can’t find a solution that works?


Child-Works Can Help

Your family become rested and excited to start the day together.

Everyone in your family to sleep through the night and wake at a reasonable hour.

Create a stress free, predictable nighttime ritual and bedtime.

Create a consistent, healthy nap schedule.

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As a pediatrician, I am thrilled to be able to refer my families to Rachel for appropriate advice and reassurance regarding nighttime issues...
-Dr. Steinbock
Baby Sleep Success
I knew this "happy girl" was in my sleepless baby somewhere. You made all the difference...

You are not alone
The vast majority of parents experience issues around sleep before their child’s sixth birthday, especially during the first three years of life. Parents of babies who are easy sleepers are often surprised to learn that many sleep problems develop between 6 to 9 months of age.

Learning to sleep
Like everything from nursing to walking, a baby needs to learn how to sleep independently. As adults, we do not need to rely on someone else to put us to sleep. Children need to learn to put themselves to sleep as well. For some this comes easier than others. Much of this depends on age, temperament, and previous experiences.

Teaching sleep skills
Sometime between 3 and 6 months of age the baby is ready to be put to bed awake and fall asleep on her own. Some babies are ready for this transition while others protest this change. The degree of protest depends on various factors: your child may prefer the “old method” of going to sleep, she may not be developmentally ready yet and/or family lifestyles may be interfering.

Seeking outside help
There are many books on how to help your child to sleep well and the ranges of theories behind these solutions are dramatic. Finding the right solution for your family can feel daunting. Child-Works’ philosophy on teaching your child to sleep is rooted in research and experience. Child-Works assesses your family’s individual needs and, in partnership with you, determines the best solutions to implement.

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