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Is My Child Overtired?

Does your child fall asleep in the car, stroller, carrier or places other than     where they normally sleep at night?

Does your child have a difficult temperament at times during the day     (cranky, irritable, fussy, whiny, defiant, cries easily)?**

Does your child wake frequently at night and cry or come to your bed?

Does your child rub his/her eyes and/or yawn frequently during the day?

Is your child hyperactive or “bouncing off the wall” especially around     evening/bedtime?

Does your child “go, go, go” and finally crashes to sleep?

Does your child go to bed after 9pm and/or wakes up with less than 11     hours of sleep?

Does your child frequently complain about being bored?

Is your child more interested in watching TV or playing on the computer     than imaginative or physical play?

Does your child resist or refuse to play independently for an extended     period of time?

Is your child wetting the bed after s/he has been potty trained?

Does your child complain of headaches and/or stomachaches especially     at the end of the day?

**Note: Children vary greatly as to the degree they will exhibit fussy     behavior regardless of how overly tired they are. A child that has always     been considered having a more difficult temperament may have just     been overly tired since infancy. Conversely, some overly tired children     will still be able to maintain an “easy” disposition all day.

If you answered yes to any of these questions then it is important to explore the possibility that your child may require more sleep. Child-Works can help you. Every child is different and there is a broad continuum on how children express being overly tired. Also, some of these symptoms may be a result of other issues the child is contending with. Regardless, if your child is exhibiting any of the above behavior it is necessary to find out why and investigate how to remedy any difficulties your child is experiencing.

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